We facilitate purposeful off-sites for top teams, boosting collaboration and focusing on sustainable innovation across value chains.

Effective off-sites get leaders to co-create and commit to joint actions that keep the whole picture in mind, going beyond individual needs and conflicting agendas.

What does our facilitation add
to your off-site?

Your team “slows down first to speed up later”.
We stop the team from jumping back into rapid task mode and work to discover emergent opportunities.

Your team collaborates with creative focus.
We set up a collaborative frame so everyone  contributes and co-creates better decisions. 

You are not left with lofty ideas you can’t deliver.
We pay attention to the end, so each leaders is accountable for a next step before the next thing hits.

How does this help you develop responsible business?

We get you out of the comfort zone and into the new mindset. We use methods that gets groups to move, experiment and engage with practices in real time. 

We don’t let your company culture scuttle your change strategy. Organisational culture eats strategy for breakfast*. Lifetree starts with culture design, so change can really happen. (*Harvard Business Review ‘Leading Culture’, Jan-Feb 2018)

We help you keep talent on board with responsible leadership. Disenchantment with business ethics increasingly causes talented high potentials to quit. Lifetree works with top teams so they ‘walk the talk’ and build trust.

What our clients say