Leading change starts from the top. How each of your leaders chooses to collaborate, compete, control and create change, shapes your collective results.

Lifetree consults to top teams to help leaders understand the change process and how you can lead change successfully.

“Lifetree helped me to change the dynamic of my management team. This was particularly visible when we addressed the topic of change in our MT meetings and how to create a new, more positive dynamic. Also the consultant helped me define a new and innovative recruiting strategy through the use of specific assessments. Since then, all recruitments in my team are done differently and in a much more reliable and efficient manner."​
Yann Cabaret
VP Customer Programs, SITA ONAIR Switzerland

Why Lifetree guidance helps:

  • You get a wealth of experience around leading change as you go, in practice. 
  • We give you rapid internal diagnostics so what’s really going on with change.
  • You get a reality check around deeply held assumptions, to open up mindsets.
  • We challenge habits like groupthink or “first fast” (usually worst) solutions.
  • You are asked to role model core values, so your people trust more and buy in.
  • We make space for you to really hear each other despite divergent agendas.
  • You integrate best practices via simple tools that are adapted to your context.
  • We make it easy for you to know how to coach others and follow you forward.

What our clients say