The leaders we coach are preparing for top level promotions and must sustain high performance in international settings.

Lifetree’s Trust Your Potential program meets increasing demand by senior leaders for personalised support as they expand responsibilities. Our executive coaches have a long track record in business and leadership. We are trusted sparring partners to senior leaders in corporate and public organisations. 
"I wish to thank you very much for your excellent work during the coaching sessions. I could take a lot of insights and clarity for my future development out of your coaching. I was very impressed by the way you achieved this in this short period of time. You could also give me excellent business innovation advise based on your experience. Thank you!"
Andrea Gees
Principal, Flamantis GmbH, IT/ Organisational consulting Switzerland

Executives leading change need 3 key things:

  1. ability get people out of the box to think creatively about change
  2. insight to deal effectively with natural resistance in groups to change
  3. executive presence that inspires others to follow and take responsibility

Our clients asked us to design a coaching program that:

  • is specifically for senior leaders in top teams
  • brings objective insight on leadership potential and risks
  • uses proven methods to get rapid and sustainable results
  • gives affordable access to world-class executive coaches
  • has an easy way to book sessions directly online
  • offers flexible program options to suit various schedules/budgets

Trust your potential and go for it!

What our clients say