Leading change

Are your leaders struggling with complex change?

Too much short-term decision-making and a ‘profit-at-all-costs’ hyper-competitive mindset destroys sustainable innovation. If leaders assume to hold the power or know the solution alone, they stay in turf wars and silo thinking, and so block your organisation’s capacity to network, adapt and adopt emergent and helpful opportunities as well as signal disruptive threats to the business. 

Do your leaders need a mindset shift? Do they need to start taking deeper responsibility for the long-range consequences of their choices? How will you help them shift faster? Easier said than done! 

That’s why Lifetree has guided global clients to a resilient path of growth and change since 2002. We get all brains in the room, help leaders build trust, and guide you as you learn a way forward together.

  • Lifetree consults to senior leaders to map out key changes. 
  • We deliver off-sites for top teams to make responsible business a systems-wide transformation. 
  • We coach executives to ‘walk the talk’ so others can trust and follow. 
  • We work worldwide for international companies, SMEs, social enterprise, foundations, innovation centres, business schools and governmental bodies.


Lifetree off-sites give senior leaders the way to get ‘all brains in the room’ and engage in a powerful way to co-create new solutions. Our guidance before, during, and after off-sites adds significant value to your impact while leading change.

"Lifetree, with whom we recently completed a leadership offsite, put together an outstanding program for leading organization change for my top team as I am in the process of merging different business units. When you are looking for support through change-management with your top teams, feel free to reach-out to them."
Olivier Schwab
Head of Business Engagement, World Economic Forum


Clients ask Lifetree to facilitate an off-site when they are facing:

  • Critical operational changes demanded by investors and key stakeholders, to deliver responsible business impact immediately.
  • Mergers in which newly integrated groups must ‘restart smarter’ with better cohesion around a sustainable strategy.
  • Board decision to focus on ethical brand value and responsible business practices to integrate sustainable development goals.
  • Innovation acceleration where cross functional teams must bring greater alignment even as they move faster.
  • Legacy issues that means a new generation of leaders need to be promoted quickly to top roles, but no one seems to fit the bill.
  • Loss of top talent due to increasing disenchantment with the company ethics or current level of responsible business practices.


Lifetree draws on 20+ years experience in consulting on leading change and in changing processes to achieve responsible business impact.

“Once again thank you both for these two days. Today is probably one of the most productive and progressive days I've spent in a long time with our management team.
I can't wait to come to work on Monday.”
Mike Reid​
Finance Director, Balhousie Care Group UK

What makes Lifetree consulting different?

  • Partnership We don’t talk at you or sell expensive reports. We teach you what we know so you can do it yourself.
  • Non traditional We bring creative tools to fit context and need.
  • You own it Your data and decisions remain in your own hands.
  • Hands on We offer actionable advice so that teams run with it.


Executive coaching boosts your capacity to be aware of your leadership impact and deliver high performance as a role model to your organisation.

“The coaching changed the course of my career. Extremely skillful at unlocking the heart of what makes us tick as individual leaders and more powerfully, how we take these inherent values and behaviors into our work lives. Being able to read and pay attention to team dynamics is a valuable skill I continue to nurture and learn from. This, coupled with the ability to now bring my values authentically into constructive conversations, has changed how I lead and who I am as a leader.”
Saskia Groen in 't Woud
Global Chief Operating Officer, Damco Asia
Senior leaders, everyone is watching you. Are you walking your talk?

Executive coaching is increasingly required for directors and VPs with expanding responsibilities in international, mission-critical settings. We offer flexible options so you can choose your:

  1. Executive coach, with the style and language to match your needs.
  2. Leadership assessment to benchmark strengths and risks.
  3. Online video sessions to focus on coaching even on the road.
  4. Face-to-face work if you prefer intensive sessions on location.
    Our program is called Trust Your Potential: with this approach to coaching, we get you where you need to be, fast. 

You can simply trust your potential and go for it! 

What our clients say